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How long should you stay in yoga poses

How long should you stay in yoga poses?

When it comes to practicing yoga, you may be wondering how long you should stay in a pose. Typically, a yoga pose should be held for 90 minutes. However, you can hold it for less time if you count your breaths, which will help keep your mind engaged in the pose. If you’re combining yoga […]


Why is breathing important in yoga

Why is breathing important in yoga?

One of the fundamental principles of yoga is that the breath should accompany the movements in the asanas. This is especially important during vinyasas, or movements from one posture to another. Inhalation should accompany postures that open, while exhalation should accompany postures that fold in. During vinyasas, the breath should follow the inhale and exhale […]


What does asana mean in yoga

What does Asana mean in yoga?

When you look at the definition of Asana in Yoga, you may think it simply means a certain pose that is comfortable for your body. In actuality, the postures are complete circuits of the body. They not only give you comfort, but they also generate pleasant feelings in your mind. Asanas also promote connection to […]


How many calories do you burn in yoga

How many calories do you burn in yoga?

If you’re wondering how much yoga burns, this article will give you a general idea. The different types of yoga vary in calories they burn. Bikram yoga burns 330 calories, while Hatha yoga burns 298. Ashtanga burns 362 calories. Bikram yoga is the most intense type of yoga, so you’re going to burn the most […]


How to do yoga in bed

How to do yoga in bed?

Here are three poses for a peaceful night in. You can use the Pose to set your day’s intention or to detoxify and calm yourself. Whatever your goals, finding a way to do yoga in bed is possible. Use your pillow for support. Start with the Pose to open the shoulders. Repeat this exercise twice […]


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